Major Rule Changes in 2019

(as per

  1. Drop from knee height (NOT shoulder height)
  2. Measure the area to drop in with the longest club in your bag (except a […]
2019-03-26T00:08:17+00:00Feb 24, 2019|Ramah Golf Bali|

News From The Board

To say we have been focussed on the new website and the details for the as-yet-distant but fast-approaching Golf Week 19 would be understating the […]

2019-03-26T00:09:26+00:00Feb 10, 2019|Ramah Golf Bali|

The Best Of The Best

The difference between good golfers, very good golfers and great golfers is not just their ability on a particular day, but the consistency of their execution. Our […]

2019-03-26T00:10:26+00:00Feb 9, 2019|Ramah Golf Bali|
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