The weather man, says skies are blue… As if ordered by the Golfing Gods, the dry season is upon us, and the sun shines daily on Bali’s golf courses – just in time for Golf Week (or “Golf Eleven Days” to be more pedantic but less catchy).  The Tournament Organising Committee is now confident all is in place for what promises to be the best-attended and most successful of our annual event. More on that later from the Captain and President in their reports.

This past month has also seen the fiercely competitive, but most convivial Asia Cup (formerly the Cross Straits Challenge), where Raffles covered itself in glory, taking out the much-prized Wooden Spoon. More on this in an article from Tony Colley and in the President’s Report.

With the new rules being introduced by the R&A and USGA this year, we have all been coming to terms with the changes, with few confusions regarding the new interpretations. Our “Rules Master” Jon Dean has been called on very infrequently to adjudicate queries… however, I have to confess I needed to advise him of a possible infraction of my ownlast month, which I feel the need to share with you.

For only perhaps the 43rd time in the past month, my drive on the 3rd was possessed of an evil spirit and maliciously took it upon itself to enter the lateral hazard on the right (just near where the huge python met its end a couple of years ago, incidentally). On our way into the near-impenetrable jungle, I cheerfully greeted, as is my custom, the older, dentally-challenged and machete-wielding lady who lives nearby. We found my ball, somewhat miraculously in a clearing inhabited by a lone bush. Sadly, this bush severely compromised my backswing, making a recovery onto the fairway unlikely at best.

I walked forward to survey my options, and on returning to my ball, found the bush reduced to a stubble, my machete-wielding friend beaming, her lone incisor shining in her happy face, and my ball now in excellent shape for a return to closely mown surfaces.

I promptly shanked it into parts unknown…

Returning to the Rules, my playing partner Jon assured my on my ‘fessing up, that no penalty was due, as I had not encouraged, induced nor requested any horticultural adjustments. There’s a relief, not that I scored on the hole anyway.

Enjoy the Raffles Rag, and hopefully we will see you at GW.