Welcome, all to the February Edition of your favourite organ.

I have delayed the February Rag a few days so as to bring you news of our Annual General Meeting, which was held on Wednesday 5th Feb.

The AGM was exceptional in its welcome brevity, the main business being dispensed with in a PB time of about 30 minutes. Apart from the acceptance of our finances, which show us to be in robust health, the main issue was to elect members to the four obligatory vacancies as their terms had expired. Of the expirees, two stood for re-election – our tireless President Robert Nelson, and the newcomer temporarily filling a vacant slot, Mel Lange. Sami Benafia and Rob Goodwin retired from the Board.

It is a sad, but the all-too-frequent situation in Golf Clubs generally, that the enthusiasm of members to play in (and comment on) a well-run Club is seldom matched by their willingness to serve on its Board. Consequently, our four positions attracted just three candidates, the aforementioned Robert and Mel, and a single “newbie” in the impeccable form of Howard Otten.

Our Board now consists of Robert Nelson, ex-Captain Mike Barber, Jon Dean, Hugh Brown, Tony Brandenburg, Mel Lange and Howard Otten. I am sure you all wish them well in their roles, and encourage you to do so personally when next you spy them on the course.

In the Board Meeting following the AGM, Robert was re-elected President, Tony Brandenburg was elected Captain, and Mel Lange Treasurer. Again, I am sure you join me in acknowledging these three stalwarts of Raffles and wishing them well in their roles.

Mike Barber was deservedly acknowledged by the AGM for his truly great job in guiding Raffles through two very important years, especially in his oversight of our ground-breaking entry into Golf Australia under the umbrella of the WAGA. Great job, Mike!! Your hard work and a firm hand on the tiller will no doubt now assist our new Captain Tony as he learns the ropes.

President’s Message

Dear Fellow Members,

Well February has arrived already, and with it our AGM. This was held on Wednesday 5th February, and in accordance with our Constitution. The outcomes from the AGM have been mentioned in the introduction to this Edition of the Raffles Rag, however I would like to add two thoughts to that.

Firstly the AGM saw the retirement from the board of Robbie Goodwin.  I am very sad to see him go but understand his reasons. His contribution to the Board at meetings has been noteworthy to say the least.  He is a wordsmith (both written and verbal) extraordinaire and he has a very wise head.  When he raises matters of concern at Board level the rest of the Board always listens.  His advice and comments have often resulted in the Board correctly going in the direction he has suggested.  I thank him for his contribution in that regard.  The other aspect is this very Raffles Rag you are now reading.  He has edited it for two years now and has done so without any assistance from anyone else.  His “Lone Ranger” efforts have been most appreciated by us all and I wish to publicly thank him.  My only problem here, is that Robbie edits (I don’t think censures!) my monthly contribution to the Rag so I am now sure how much of this he is going to change! (The rest of this turgid paragraph has been left on the cutting room floor as it has already gone on far too long – Ed.)

The other retirement I need to especially mention is that of Mike Barber, our Club Captain. Whilst he is retiring as Captain he is not retiring from the Board.  Mike got married not so long-ago last year to the beautiful Sue.  They intend spending a considerable amount of 2020 on a long golfing and other pursuits international honeymoon.  Go enjoy Mike.  From a Raffles point of view, you sure deserve it.  Mike has worked tirelessly during his tenure as Captain and every event he has been involved in organising has been a success.  On top of that he runs our Tournament Operating Committee and organises our entire playing schedule.  On top of that he has been very active within the Club in innovations and communications with members.  He is going to be sadly missed as Captain and his successor when appointed will have  some very big shoes to fill.  Thank you, Mike, from myself, all of the Board and all of the Members.  You did a fabulous job.

I have also recently sent out my annual report to the AGM.  Please make an effort to read it as it has set out the events of 2019.

See you all on the course,


Robert Nelson


Raffles Golf Club.

Captain’s Corner


Tony Brandenburg – 

There’s a new broom in the room… (Dr Seuss)

It is very much an honour for me to be elected as Captain for the Raffles Golf Club.  I understand that the list of previous captains is a distinguished list of golf administrators in Bali and I am overwhelmed to think that my peers have added my name to this list.   I thank the Raffles Board and especially the President, Robert Nelson, for their trust in me and will endeavour to do everything I possibly can, over the next 12 months, to ensure that trust is well placed.

I have promised the Raffles Board members my full commitment.   I will be a fly in fly out captain as my permanent residence will still be Melbourne Australia, though, I do undertake to ensure I spend as much time as possible in Bali while working for the club.

I thank the outgoing captain Mike Barber not only for the work he has done over the past three years but also for his support in encouraging me to stand for the Captain’s position.  I will be holding him to his promise of mentoring me as we move into the 2020 golf year.

My priorities for my work will be simple.  I would like Raffles to be a well organised, contemporary Golf Social Club.  My emphasis this year will be the social aspect of our club and golf in Bali.  I very much admire the work that Barry Lyon has done with bringing other golf clubs in Bali together in friendly competition with Raffles, and I will be supporting him as much as possible.  I am very pleased to see that our matches with the Par5 club have been successful and I will work hard to ensure these not only continue but grow and develop.  I also know that as we sit down before and after each event we play, there is much history, expertise and wisdom with the people who sit there. I know that everyone will be very forthcoming with advice and ideas.   I will listen to this talk and advice, as in turn I will share my thinking and understandings.

I will need to set up a Match Committee as a small working group.  My knowledge of the intricacies of golf rules, handicapping, day to day course set up is very much overshadowed by other members of our club.  I will be asking these people to support me in this work.

I do want to share the load and work responsibilities with members.  My experience is that, although Raffles is a large member organisation with more than 600 paid members, a few do most of the work.  I understand this is normal, though, I do intend to invite members to do some of the small tasks that helps make a golf club administration efficient.  I will give members the opportunity to be convenor for our events, I will ask members to help with the Championships and the Board Events and I will continue to support the members who already contribute much to the club.  In that, I already have Tim Schramm and Robbie Goodwin to thank for their ongoing work with the Asia Cup and with the Raffles Rag and member trophy days.


Captain Tony searches for volunteers 



I would also like to involve more members in our daily event management and to have more people trained in the use of Golf Genius.  I would like our present administrator, Peter Manz, to be able to focus on all aspects of the management of our club and to relieve him of some of the duties of the everyday event management.  As the club has grown it is very obvious that Peter’s many special skills and knowledge need to be focused on maintaining not only the growth of the club, the membership management and the handicap system but also the place the club has in the golfing community of Bali, the relationships with other clubs/courses and the wider world golf community.

This said, I know that the vast majority of our members just want to play golf and enjoy all that Bali has to offer.  I do hope that under my captaincy people will be pleased to be a member of Raffles Golf Club, Bali.

Looking forward to talking with you all soon.

Tony Brandenburg

January Jenggala Monthly Medal.

Big day out in January’s Jenggala Monthly Medal for A Grade’s Paul Cochrane, who took line honours with a great nett 69 from his 7 Handicap. Paul won from Mr Steady… Terry Durkin two shots back on 71.

B Grade was a tie for first place, the spoils being shared by Francisca Boedilistiati and Andy Seider on 72.

C Grade also resulted in a tie, with the winners Pierre Rochelle and Rhonda Golby-Smith returning nett 78

Well done to all the winners, and especially to medallist Paul.


Member’s Trophy Day, January

January was the turn of Tony (Moose) Colley to give back to the Club – and he did it in style with a superb VO Cognac. This brought out the best in Frenchman Alain Bronner yearning for a taste of home. Alain turned in a fine nett 71 to edge out an in-form Paul Cochrane by a single stroke.

Two shots further back was an always-thirsty Trevor Kuzio, beating back a pack of three others in a countback for the final podium place.


An unusually hirsute Tony clearly dressed early and in the darkness before his MTD  


Player of the Month

Our January Player of the Month was the ever consistent Terry Durkin, who was in contention for most of his events all month. As a result, he amassed 113 points and was a runaway winner from distant second Ira Septiantari on 76, just holding off a challenge from Monthly Medallist Paul Cochrane on 74.

Well done Tezza!!


Aces High

Our Club Administrator Peter Manz turned on one of his best rounds ever, at Pandawa on 28 January, with a marvellous one under par 53 gross score. His round was made even more remarkable by including 2 double bogeys! This temporary setback was easily compensated for – by 4 birdies and a fantastic Ace on the 8th hole.

Fantastic round, Peter

Peter receives his reward after his sub-par round – the reward is in the blue bag.

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