Raffles Rag August 2019


Welcome all to the August Edition of your favourite organ.



“Can’t please all of the people all of the time…” (Bob Marley and The Wailers)

Ok, ok . I was wro…wr…wron… my correctness was incomplete. The new format to the Jenggala Monthly Medal was not met with universal acclamation, dancing in the fairways and rose-strewn paths for your beloved instigator.




The main change, that a singleJenggala Monthly Medal should be awarded, and it should be won by the player who performed best on the day according to their handicap, was overwhelmingly supported – everyone must have the opportunity to win, should they play well  (we do have the PGA for those who don’t want to play with a handicap). However a couple of other changes were not well received.


Low markers argued that they would like to see recognition for the Best Gross on the day, and that this accolade is eagerly sought by those capable of winning that mantle.

Additionally, there was widespread comment that a return of the A, B and C Divisions was preferred, so that people in all divisions could compare their performance against their handicap peers.

Your Board has discussed these views, and consider they have merit, and warrant some “tweaking” to the new format.

So… from the next Jengalla Monthly Medal, the following format will be adopted in the allocation of winners and accompanying prizemoney and monthly points allocation for the Player of the Month.

The Jenggala Monthly Medal Winner will be the player with the best nett stroke. This player will be eligible to contend for the Medallist of the Year trophy during Golf Week. They will also receive First Prizemoney of 1m Rupiah, and 12 points towards the Player of the Month.

The Best Gross on the day will receive 3 points towards the Player of the Month and a Skills Prize of 250,000Rp in addition towhatever other points and prizemoney they earn.

The other winners will be the first and second places in each Division – except of course for the Division from whence came the Medallist, where a second place only will be awarded.

So to summarise…

Winner – Best Nett Score from Div A, B or C.

              1,000,000 Rp

              12 points

              Jenggala Monthly Medal Trophy

Winners of Remaining 2 Divisions

500,000 Rp

8 points

Runners up A, B and C Div


4 points

Winner – Best Gross

              250,000Rp – additional to other awards

              3 points – additional to other awards


Oh…and also… free beer and soft drinks for one hour after play on MM day!!!

Next Monthly Medal day is on Wednesday, August 7


August is Big on Wednesdays

In addition to the Monthly Medal in August, in the words of K-Tel, not one, not even two, but threeMember’s Trophy Days will be held!

Our regular MTD donor Don Skipworth will be holding his event on Wednesday 14th, celebrating his birthday and imminent departure to assist the Australian cricketers retain the Ashes.

On Wednesday 21, Angus Plummer has put his hand up to be a MTD donor during his stay here, and we are very glad he has.

And, for double the fun, on Wednesday 28, last year’s Pandawa donor Chris Denholm and mate Jeremy Rule will host a 4BBB event, whereby a team of two will each win a trophy.

So get yourselves to NKGC on Wednesdays this month and compete for the trophies from these generous members.


New Raffles Member Cards 

We are working on the design for a pdf. Version of our Raffles Membership card, and expect to have that ready very soon. You will be able to choose whether to keep an electronic version of yours on your phone, or print and laminate a hard copy.


Inside Golf Magazine

We will be placing an Ad in this coming month’s edition of Inside Golf to inform Australian golfers of our club and to invite them to join us.


Eagle’s Nest

We have instituted a new Eagle’s Nest format, with Club Captain Mike Barber generously donating 52 sleeves of Pro-V1 golf balls. An additional sleeve will be added each week, with winner-take-all, whereupon the accumulation will recommence. Two winners in one day? Split. (Unlikely, did I hear you say? The first day of the new Nest, two players eagled holes! Mike stepped up to see both were well rewarded.)


President’s Report


Dear Fellow Members, 

I start off my note this month by congratulating our Club Administrator who last month completed his 1,000thround of golf with Raffles.  Quite an achievement given he wasn’t there 10 years ago when the Club started.  Peter continues to be the hardworking dedicated administrator in our Club that all of us either do highly regard or should do and other Clubs are jealous of.  Well done Peter!

At our Board Meeting last Friday it was resolved that we hadn’t been sufficiently communicative with our members and have been scratching our heads as to how we do so.  We resolved that between Mike Barber, our Club Captain, and myself, there will be a monthly report provided by individual emails to all members.  The first will be within the next 10 days and will come from yours truly.  Please read it as it will keep you abreast of all that is happening within our Club from the Committee’s point of view.  Comments to our reports please.

The Board has resolved that we will no longer pay out cash for Eagles achieved whilst playing in a Raffles competition.  Instead we will be establishing an Eagle’s Nest.  The Nest which will start immediately will be filled with a sleeve of Pro V1 balls each week with the first to get an eagle to take all.  Thereafter the process will begin again.  With respect to two eagles on the same day the Nest will be shared.  We are able to do this very costly exercise thanks to our Captain Mike Barber who has donated 52 sleeves of Titleist Pro V1’s.  A very generous gift indeed so guys, I will be competing vigorously with you all to win that Nest.

 It was also resolved that a hole in one at Pandawa, which is Bali’s incredible par 3 course rated number 1 in the world, amounted to an Eagle and would be paid as such.

This brings us to the topic of holes in one.  There will be no change to the payment of 5 million rupiahs for a hole in one. 


Until next month,

Happy golfing

Robert Nelson




Captain’s Corner


Millstones , Milestones,  and what the pro-tours can learn from Raffles 


Hi members

Like I’m sure a lot of you did, I watched with interest the last few rounds of the Open Championship. Apart from the utmost admiration for how they handled such atrocious weather in the final round, a few matters received publicity that reflected poorly on many in the pro ranks and caught my attention. 

The first is the age-old problem of slow play. 

The pro in question (JB Holmes) is painfully slow at the best of times. But the problem that Brooks Koepka  pinpointed was that JB Holmes waits until it is his turn to hit or putt , thenbegins his pre-shot routine. It’s a fair complaint. Often in Raffles games, with carts being restricted to paths, players have to wait for caddies to arrive with the correct club. This waiting time is when the player should go through at least part of his or her decision making process and be ready to hit when their caddie arrives. I have to say, for the most part at Raffles, I hear very few complaints about slow play. Sure, there are those who scoot around the course – every club has them, and Raffles’ convenors do their best to accommodate that, but generally I view 4 – 4 1/2 hours to be acceptable, and most rounds at Raffles fall into that category. If JB Holmes joins Raffles we may have a problem !

The second matter that received some media attention was rookie pro Bob MacIntyre ripping into Kyle Stanley for failing to yell “fore” on more than one occasion when hitting errant drives. Anyone who plays with Raffles and hits a wayward shot usually cops an ear-splitting, high pitched shriek of “fore” from all four caddies in unison !

Enough of the pro tour issues . 

As hopefully you are all aware by now , Raffles is celebrating it’s 10th birthday on September 5th and 6th with games at Bukit Pandawa and New Kuta as well as after-game festivities.  Go to our website member section for all the details. Pre-booking and payment is required and spots are limited. 

A couple of other notable milestones – we just saw our 30,000th round played. Graham Averyjust happened to be in Bali on a trip and won the Jerami Villavoucher for being the 30,000th , which he very kindly donated back to Raffles. Everyone , from the founders’ very first game onward has contributed to those 30,000 rounds, but no-one more so than Peter Manz who has recently clicked over his 1000th round with Raffles. The last round I played with Peter I couldn’t help noticing the condition of his golf glove – I reckon he’s had that same glove for all 1000 rounds !

Until next month ……


Good golfing

 Mike Barber – Captain 


Monthly Medal


 This Month’s Monthly Medal was a close run affair, with the eventual winner, B Grade’s Harumi Hashimoto with a fine nett 70, narrowly pipping David Kirkwood from A Grade on a count back.

David, now playing off a very creditable 5 handicap, fired a beautiful 75, thereby taking out the Best Gross on the day.


Member’s Trophy Day, June 

Prez Robert Nelson opted for an early start to his Member’s Trophy Day, choosing Friday 19 at our usual Friday time of 8:00am.

The sparrow-ness of the hour curtailed the field a little, but the fine trophy of a bottle of 2014 Cloudy Bay Sauv/blanc and an equally fine bottle of Veuve Cliquot Champagne brought out the best in the field.

I am delighted to report your humble scribe took out the honours with a handicap-bettering 38 points, closely followed by Peter Manz and Howard Otten, both on 37.


 Robbie Goodwin receives half his trophy whilst Donor and Prez Robert Nelson grips his other hand in an (unsuccessful) attempt to avoid surrendering the Cloudy Bay


Player of the Month

July’s Player of the Month was our Club Administrator Peter Manz with 26 points, narrowly beating July’s Monthly Medal bridesmaid David Kirkwood on 24.

Both these A Grade players held off a strong showing through the month by C Grader Ron Fletcher, who accrued 20 points.


Well done to all!


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