Seems it never rains in Southern California…

But man, it pours in Bali sometimes. The monsoons have been saving their best ’til last, and this month has seen some torrential downpours. Miraculously, our golf has been pretty much unaffected, and equally miraculously, New Kuta has come through it in great shape, a credit to the grounds staff.

Lots of stuff going on, of course, as we approach Golf Week, just a tick over a month away. Bookings for all events are the strongest ever, all the  pieces are in place, and we are looking forward to welcoming our 150+ Members and partners from all over the world.

Captain Mike has been somewhat distracted by two big events, one distressing and the other uplifting. He is slowly recovering from hand surgery which has kept him off the course for some time. His wedding to Sue happened last weekend also, so we can excuse him from having his mind elsewhere the past few weeks!

President Robert has also been in the woods – after he was felled by sunstroke recently, his recovery was thwarted by a dose of Cikungunya, a nasty mosquito-borne virus (not a Mexican cheese dish, as I supposed). He is now back and working hard on our behalf.

The conclusion of Golf Week post-Championship has tended to be anti-climactic (“the Captains and the Kings departing” so to speak), but this year all that will change. Sunday May 19 will be a bigevent. Hosted by member Nathan Ryan’s Bali Realty, this 2 person Ambrose event promises to be huge, with prizes galore, great food and drinks on-course, and a big field. Also no pressure as you can always blame your partner!

This event also launches our closer “co-opetition” with Par 5 Club. They have been invited by Raffles to participate in this inaugural event, and we hope issues in a friendly competitive relationship with them.

There are still limited spaces in this 100 player field, so find a partner and register – or register alone and we will pair you with the potential winner!