Dear Fellow Members, 

First of all I must report on the Asia Cup, held during April in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  Raffles was well represented but did not perform as well as we would have liked.  Last year when we hosted the event in Bali, we almost won it.  Accordingly, our hopes were up for a victory this year.  It wasn’t to be.  We managed only to get the wooden spoon.  This was the 4thtime we have been represented at this event and it is great fun and very competitive.  Friendships have been forged between players of different countries and clubs and I have to say a good time was had by all.  It was also refreshing to have a number of lady competitors present.  Your President managed two draws, a win and a loss.  Sorry about that.   

I want to single  out our Captain for the Asia Cup, Tim Schramm.  He did a great job and organised the event brilliantly for us all.  Indeed,  it was directly as a result of his efforts that the event ran so smoothly without any major hiccups.  His efforts and attention to detail most certainly enabled us all to thoroughly enjoy ourselves as well as compete as hard as we could.  On behalf of both the Club and all of us who attended I thank Tim for what he did and the very significant effort he put into the event.  I am certainly hoping he is prepared to take it on again next year.

Well May is now with us, and that means Golf Week.  This year we have broken all records with registrations and have had to resort to both morning and afternoon sessions for our Club Championship as well as at Pandawa.  It is a very exciting time at our Club and I am looking forward to it immensely.  For those who haven’t registered this year you have my sympathy.  It is in my opinion probably the best week of amateur golf in SE Asia.  Make sure you get in early next year.

Your Board has resolved that holes in one as we normally pay them will be suspended during golf week only.  This is because we have secured sponsorship for the same.  At the conclusion of Golf Week We will continue to pay out for Eagles until the end of May.  

See you on the course,

Robert Nelson

Club President.