Major season 

For those among us who enjoy watching the best in the world go about their business of being paid staggering sums for playing at a level the rest of us mere mortals try in vain to emulate, April spells the start of Major season.

That’s when the week-in , week-out playing for a measly $1m first prize becomes kid’s stuff and the big boys and girls get really serious. 

I’ve been fortunate enough to make the trek to Augusta National ( the year Sergio Garcia won ) and witness what many believe to be the best run sporting event in the world. Who knows what will unfold over the next few months this year with the four big events.

A little closer to home, Raffles is gearing up for our “Major season” aka Golf Week . As you’ve no doubt become aware, bookings this year are substantially up on past years, and we even had to beg NKG for an extra 40 morning places for the two Club Championship rounds as the 128 man field has been sold out for some time. 

All members will be playing this Golf Week with an official GolfLink handicap, which means a more level playing field for everyone. And just like the big boys vying for golf’s 4 majors, I’m sure all participating Raffles members are busily sharpening up your games to claim one or more of the many prizes , trophies and honour board titles that are up for grabs , all the while looking resplendent in your souvenir GW19 polos !

Until next month …..

Good golfing

Mike Barber