A couple of evenings ago, I was having a sundowner or two on the beach at Double Six, with the wind in my face, watching an aircraft climb out towards the setting sun from Ngurah Rai Airport, and I realised the significance of what I was seeing!

“Yes, yes,” I hear you say, “We know, we know… the Equatorial lows have moved south of Bali, drawing the North East moisture-laden winds with them…and as they passed the Equator the Coriolis Effect has bent them through 90 degrees to flow from the North West, necessitating the aircraft leaving Ngurah Rai to take off into the wind. Everyone knows that!”

But no, the real significance… the 16th and 3rd are now downwind!!!

Yes, the rains are finally starting, still a little hesitantly (and thankfully nocturnal), freshening up the courses after the long dry spell and softening the greens a tad – perfect golfing weather. I think this is the best time of the year for golf in Bali, cloud cover spreading its relief from the sun and the generally benign onshore breezes cooling us down. Come and enjoy it!

Last month saw another very successful Monthly Medal day, and an equally successful Member’s Trophy Day at the challenging Pandawa course. More on these later.

We also have the Player of the Month announced, and the second in the series of the history of our Golf Courses, this time New Kuta.

We hope you enjoy the Raffles Rag, and very much look forward to your company in the near future

Happy golfing!


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