Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose…

Well, we have all had a month now of knee-high ball dropping, three minute desperate searches for errant balls and leaving the flagstick in on putts. So far, not much has changed drastically, but I think our pace of play has improved a bit – which was reportedly one of the aims of the Rules change. The caddies remain a bit bewildered by some new protocols, like the flag removal or replacement, and of course being prohibited from their customary alignment job with some of us. 

My caddie however is well-accustomed to bewilderment at some of the shots I play, so its pretty much business as normal for her… (hence the headline above, for you francophones).

I watched a couple of interesting videos the other day which rigorously tested the “Better in than out” debate of flagstick removal or replacement. The definitiveness of the results may surprise you… search on YouTube – there is a bunch of tests – and almost all with the same result.

Some of you will have seen a few changes already to our registration pages, especially for the coming Golf Week 19, as we move towards a new website and integration of Golf Genius into our new format. More on that in “News From the Board” later in the Newsletter. The biggest change, of course, is Raffles Golf Club being accepted as an affiliate of Golf WA, and with that every member’s access to a formal handicap through Golf Australia. This change gives all of us a worldwide recognition of our handicap, and overall a much fairer playing field for our competitions – especially Golf Week 19.

Speaking of Golf Week, check out the Upcoming Events section – our Wind-Up game the Sunday (19 May) after the Club Championship is going to be a blast.

Also you will see reports from Captain Mike Barber and President Robert Nelson and all the regular snippets for the past month including our very popular Member’s Trophy Day and our leading players in Best of the Best.

Happy golfing. May you shoot the score your talents deserve…


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